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Pet Peaves

As I went thru with my life  dating sense … ive encountered  lot of  frustration with communications and petpeaves.. when guy take me out on a date  .. they try to talk to me while driving.. i suggest that u guys dont do that!!!!
Do all ur phone calls  before or  on the way to date setting .  dont chat on phone or talk on text with others  when on date … or i will do the same to u or ill get up and leave…  u have to be interested in me as a person  not just sexually .
Instead of jumping on me and making huge spectacle of me with PDA on first date !   I can lipread   when  articulated  and on normal pace  not  up to the speed .. those who have accents  please write on papers memo pads or type in notepad in ur phone  not the message part  just the notepad so we dont get interrupted by others text. still  I can make my own decision with food order   just make suggestions ,  dont order for me please!!!!

Sense of humor is a must   if u know american sign language   dont be afraid to use em !
Keep in mind when texting  or typing on instant msgs    i CANNOT READ THE TONES!  i cant tell if its joke or sacarsm n such.. Please be CRYSTAL CLEAR  when u text me  or talk to me online .. I cannot read ur mind  nor can succeed in guessing games.
If u happen to run into ur friends or  whoever while im with u .   dont leave me out   or leave me hanging …dont assume about me   be sure to ask before u assume…  with me being a porn star  it doesnt mean im RICH, SLUT, doesnt take life seriously, unstable  for long terms stuff and such!  Im not a con artist i wouldnt  tell sob stories to gain something.. I just needed someone to talk to ..  I  have too much pride to ask for help  when I do ask for help  i meant what i ask for…
one of my petpeaves is  when guys ask me out  they think i would fuck for free and  do anything for free  by lyin to me that u want to date me for long term relationship….   im gonna make myself CRYSTAL CLEAR    i dont fuck on first dates !!! If u want to date me as in knowing me …  sex will have to be deserved with passion.its more meaningful  within time being cuz its soo deep and real. I wear my heart on my sleeve . i cant stand getting disappointed again. Ive only been in one long term relationship (first and latest love) it ended badly years ago..i have my walls up..   if u cant deal with that  and  rather get down to the sex part ,  i suggest u pay for my service .  i will have an escort page up  for guys like that. when it comes to service, I dont wear my heart on my sleeve .i’ll know one thing is what u want from me…less drama  less misunderstanding n such. if i am disrespected  i wouldnt  be giving u another chance . please be a honest and respectful gentleman and be aware of urself . dont waste our times with unsure stuff.

Olivia Love