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Hello again!

First of all,   I would like to apologize for the delay of the Blog update .. I am new at this  so bear with me ;)…Ive been busy living the real life adventures.  Ever since the Tranny Awards    ( tranny awards 2009 part 4 is seen on youtube) Ive been around alot of my friends and fans constantly.. so i took a break to focus on making a nice enclosure  for  my Leopard tortoise  Frodo. Making it more Southern African habitat  for him to really feel at home  throughout the summer… Boy  it was hard labor  and totally is worth it. It is almost complete. i will post pictures of it  if i can figure how to !!! lol   i just dont like leaving the project unfinished .  i am really excited about this…

Happy Belated 420 day haha  yeah i do toke  to relax  and  have more giggles  haha…   my photo is in california chronciles magazine  around almost a year ago  ( good luck looking for it hehehe)…i was requested to model in it . i decided not to   due to no pay plus i didnt have a website to promote in it…

I was invited to my dear Ts Performer sis   Morgan Bailey’s birthday party last sunday  .  It was wildddddd and fun!!!  Morgan as u always say   ”  I LOVE IT!!!”   . I had the pleasure getting more acquainted with Mandy Mitchell ,Juliette (forgot last name)  and several other people ..yeah my dear friends  Domino Presley, Hazel Tucker,Yasmine Lee, Buddy Wood  , Danny Waters,  my roommate Michele plus others that i forgot to mention all attended.. hahaha ( my age getting to me  so i better keep running from it)  I wonder if anyone took pics of me in her birthday party …  most were all nude and  swinginggg right in my eyes.. boy my eyes had lot of orgasms   LMAO! of course  i was almost naked and wearing thong     ( i didnt wanna loose my tanline) ;)~  Many thanks to Mark and Rosina   who hosted  this terrific event for Morgan Bailey  my precious sis!

i better go now  and organize  my subjects to be discussed  in Blog

itll be about labels and approach  i experienced last week  when a guy took me out to dinner.   it would probably apply to audism subject as well…

P.s.  im dreading for my b day to happen too soon  ack!!!!!