March 2010
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Welcome to my site !

Hi! My name is Olivia Love .

I am deaf and transsexual adult film performer.I’m seen in many videos and websites .I started in 1990’s then I retired for love til it ended .

I returned in jan of 08 with a full charge and finish the unfinished business that I left behind .
I finally am able to shut down the fraudlent sites that contained my name and images.
Welcome to my new and official site ! Oh yes  its really my site where I have the full control with better communication with my fans and friends.

It will be updated constantly so y’all won’t get bored! It may contain very steamy and sexy contents. Be still ur hearts  it may overwhelm u. Hehe it will be including  subtitled versions for hearing people to understand my american sign language  dialogues. it’ll also be subtitled for deaf and hard of hearing when it comes to vocal dialogues of any talents I work with if necessary . I want my fans to understand what daily issues a deaf transsexual performer faces .the solutions to learn to get thru the communication barriers.

Oh boy its gonna be educational and sexual!  Honestly there are many ways  to understand one other instead of getting intimidated by my mysterious and beautiful self. I am strong advocate of deaf culture and civil rights as a transsexual. I will have blogs,videos,calendar shoots, wishlist,casual stuff  about lifestyle, cam shows ,chatroom            My objectives of this site is to help me succeed my surgeries and educate people.


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40 Responses to “Welcome to my site !”

  • john:

    i really adore you good luck and i hope you find happiness

  • gernot:

    hello olivia you are a very smart just a pity you’re not in vienna you know maybe a smart in vienna? with which I could Tretten in contact? thank you very much and I’ll send you a big kiss

  • teto:

    ur a true living legend………….
    congrat on ur website , its a must join.
    i rally cant wait to see u all toghter
    i will dream about u do me hard cos am all urs lovely girl

  • JohnnieLove:

    Have a GREAT Easter Olivia.

    I have Always admired you. I can remember seeing you photo for the first time over a decade ago. Let me tell you. You are as BEAUTIFUL today as the first time I ever looked upon you. I wish you a fantastic adventure in your new site and welcome you back. It is great to hear from you on a personal level and look forward to more. You are simply stunning and have bestilled my heart so long ago. It has been beating hard ever since. Dreams of passion and thoughts of physical arousal fill the air with a glimps of your magical face and tender skin. Madening me to an EXPLOSIVE state. Dreaming hard and wishing for your touch and the look of your eyes into my own indulges me in a whim of fire encased in time. Never to be forgotten.

    Truely Your Friend,

  • JohnnieLove:

    Hmmm What happened to my comment I left last night? Anyway Happy easter Olivia.

  • Wilma:

    Hi Olivia !
    I just found your new site and gurl you amazed me ! You’ve not grown older in the meantime but younger and prettier ! My compliments. Remember my friend Foxy Roxy, you met her once and had made a picture of you two gurls together. I’ll tell her about your new site.
    All the best and good luck from Wilma in Rotterdam -Holland.

  • Anthony:

    I have always loved you, Olivia! So glad you have this great new site so I will be joining soon. There is not a model that comes near you in style and sophistication! I envy the wp/man who can call you a ‘wife”…you have no idea how many of my fantasies had that theme

    Thank you for existing….


  • lexxel:

    nice to see you back and hotter than ever may good things follow you 🙂

  • john:

    i want to marry you

  • Jurisdoc:

    You are the sweetest and the sexiest of them all!

  • brian:

    I really love your video’s and would do anything to have some hott sex with you but I know that will never happen. I’ll watch your video’s and enjoy. I wish the best to you.

  • J. Clement:

    Hi! Glad to see you back and lovelier than ever!

    One question: Some years back, in an interview you gave, you said (signed?) that you would like to finish a degree in social work and help other persons with hearing impairments. Have you completed a degree? If no, do you still intend to?

    God bless!


    • Sadly i didnt complete that goal… it was cuz of the break up with my ex while i was working with deaf adults with mental and emotional challenges in a group home. i got laid away cuz one of the resident in my dept found my past work.. That was why I had to return to L.a. to start over .. i will elaborate it in the blog coming up shortly…

  • tom k:

    i have always admired you greatly…yu r mie muse….keep on keepin’ on grlfriend…

  • billy:

    Does any of your back video catalogue, have you dressed up as a school girl??

  • karam:

    i love you very much please i want see some her picther

  • Rickee:

    Hello SweetHeart, my goodness … you are very sweet and foxy, you are like a rare fine wine, getting better every day you wake up and share your beauty with the world, you are Fantastic.

  • Spanky:

    Congratulations on your Lifetime Achievement Award, I just saw the posting and it put a smile on my face. This award could not have gone to a more deserving person, you’ve always been a source of strength and supporting in my past and I’m glad that others are recognizing you for the wonderful person you are. You are now and will always be my number one heroine. Girl, you’re the bomb.

  • jeremy:

    Will you be able to post all your movies, or are there some you don’t have the rights to?

  • Wilma:

    Thank you for the reply, sweetheart ! I would love to send you this picture(by the way it was taken 10 yrs ago !) but I can’t do it here, I need an address. I suppose you can see my E-mail address, so please let me know. I promise I won’t bother you unnecessarily, except to say (again and again) that you are such a lovely and pretty gurl!
    Lots of love from Wilma in Rotterdam – Holland

  • shark:

    i love you olivia 🙂

  • Hi Olivia:

    Just started following you on Twitter. Happy Birthday by the way. You look great for 37.
    Am fairly close to you-live in Irvine and really love your pics and the way you carry yourself. You appear very friendly and down to earth and look forward to corresponding with you in the future and who knows maybe meeting one fine day. Sorry your love did not last but I’m sure there are plenty of people on this site who will show you love.

    Your new friend, Mike (MEL) Melnyk

    On Twitter/Facebook/My Space

  • Jake:

    Hi There You Probably Get This a lot im 19 Year old boy who is going Through the changes and you have opened my eyes up on this so i wish to thank you and tell you how amazing you are just you being there means alot thank you again 🙂 xx

  • Fab:

    It’s great to have you back, you look as gorgeous as ever, even more (if possible!) Much love & respect from Italy.

  • Uwe:

    hi olivia i,m from germany i love please make a film with me i love you an i,m the biggest fan from you

  • Wilma:

    A hairdo like Victoria ?? PLEASE DON’T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Don’t you know gentlemen prefer blond ?

  • chris:

    welcome back olivia you look more beautiful than ever hope everything goes well and you find true happiness

  • levi:

    you ist beautiful

  • dwayne:

    hello is there any chance you will be in las vegas in oct 25 to 28 of this year

  • dwayne:

    i will be there at that time and would love to hook up with you and we could have alot of fun